Our Commitment on Individual Data Privacy

We respect and support the right of individual data privacy and commit ourselves to not expose or exploit our user's individual data which will inconvenience them in any way.

For the purposes of analytics beneficial for fact-finding / information, we will only use non-direct-personal identifiable data , examples being, but not limited to, as follows :


- Examples of non-direct-personal identifiable data - General Trends :

  • The total number of professional / amateur athletes in any given sports broken down by countries and/or geographic region
  • Any increments or decrements in the number of such athletes in the associated sport/s by timeline (e.g in the past 1 / 3 years, etc) 
  • Most followed or supported Athlete/s or personality profiles (based on count of followers) - based on publicly available information
  • Most popular entries / posts / events (based on number of likes or views or indicated attendance,etc)
  • Any other General trends which may arise , such as how many fans there are of certain sports or games,etc. 


We hope that facts and figures like these will help enable better decision making in the future and for general consensus on likely figures for trending data plotting purposes. 


Unless with a direct consent provided by our users, or via the settings they choose, we pledge not to directly or indirectly expose sensitive data such as Our Members :

1. Personal contact data 

2. Political inclination (based on whatever data they choose to post or share) 

3. Location details (if any available) 

4. Other information deemed personal in nature




Our Sports Social Responsibility (SSR) Program


What is Sports Social Responsibility ? And How does it work ?

We at SportingTalents.com, believe in Giving back to society in general and we hope to drive a new habit and cause of Sports Social Responsibility (SSR), our very own coined flavour of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Citizenship , by giving back to society via sports associated causes as we grow.


We are seeking to drive more awareness of SSR and also to contribute back to the respective organizations or associations needing assistance with up to 50%* of ALL net profits earned by SportingTalents.com going to the selected organization/s as we grow. 


Be it a charitable organization, a sporting association needing funds to help with their members development, or even general clubs requiring funds to stay afloat , the choice is not ours alone, but it's up to the supporters to vote which organizations they would most like to see get the help they require when we turn profitable.


Why do we do this ?

Because we believe in giving back to worthy causes as we grow. Life and business is not just about profits but about helping out those in need when we can.


So How can you help be a part of this initiative to help others ? 

By simply being an active member of this site , updating your profile along the way with your details and sharing not just good content you find along the way like relevant sports scene articles, but also the good word for our SSR initiative and getting more of your sports associates to join in. Every single bit counts, so our members contribute indirectly to the funding of worthy causes along the way, simply by being an active member. 





Our Vision


  • To help spread the Sports Social Responsibility / Sports Citizenship cause globally and initiating more give-back movements to aid those in need. 
  • To be the #1 sporting community portal for all your sporting related needs and updates for all Athletes, Coaches, Professionals and fans of all sports. 


  • To be the key supporter of Sports organizations or associations (such as sports bodies or associations) and other charitable organizations with their funding needs via our Sports Social Responsibility (SSR) program aka our Sports Citizenship efforts.


  • To contribute over USD$20m a year to such organizations / entities needing funding by 2020 via achievements of our milestones of our SSR program


Who We Are

Who We Are 

Conceptualized in Jan 2018 to address the seemingly lacking platform for sports athletes (aka talents) to showcase themselves , SportingTalents.com which was initially founded and developed as a social community portal, has evolved to include the following features for our users :

2. Localized language content, serving a universal content platform to users anywhere in the world via the language selection offer

3. A Sports Insights / Blogs section for our users to share their thoughts and insights.

4. Our very own flavour of Corporate Social Responsibility / Sports Citizenship , which we have coined our very own - Social Sports Responsibility (SSR) Program , where we pledge to give back to deserving and supported organizations via profits earned from the portal.


With all the features of any decent social media / community site, such as profiles and sharing of relevant / interesting content from facebook/youtube,etc, we are able to also reach out to people all over the world via the localized content translation , so no matter if our users are non English readers and speakers , they will be able to understand written updates being shared on SportingTalents.com.
Coupled with the strong Community commitment to help support deserving organizations and entities (be it sports associations / organizations or even charities) , we are striving to build a strong global network of sporting talents based initiatives to 
No matter the sport/s you are into, be it a physical sport or mentally challenging one (gaming, for example) , all are welcome to join in and contribute and share.
Along the way, we hope to be able to offer potential stars of the future, a good avenue to gain some attention and awareness of themselves to a global audience.

The platform is also meant to be a safe place where everyone of all nationality, creed , gender, physical stature and ages to be able to come together collectively to share and find out more about the latest sporting talents , organizations, news, etc in an easy manner. 


We are an all-inclusive community which does not discriminate against any individual or organization looking to contribute to the general sporting community one way or another. 


It is presently developed and run by 2 partners , aspiring to help all Sports Talents (including Professionals) and sporting organizations alike gain more beneficial traction along with making the world a much better place via our sports citizenship movement.


What is Sports Citizenship / SSR and how does SportingTalents.com give back ? 


Click here to find out more :

Our Sports Social Responsibility (SSR) Program



- Mar 2018