Who We Are 

Conceptualized in Jan 2018 to address the seemingly lacking platform for sports athletes (aka talents) to showcase themselves , SportingTalents.com which was initially founded and developed as a social community portal, has evolved to include the following features for our users :

2. Localized language content, serving a universal content platform to users anywhere in the world via the language selection offer

3. A Sports Insights / Blogs section for our users to share their thoughts and insights.

4. Our very own flavour of Corporate Social Responsibility / Sports Citizenship , which we have coined our very own - Social Sports Responsibility (SSR) Program , where we pledge to give back to deserving and supported organizations via profits earned from the portal.


With all the features of any decent social media / community site, such as profiles and sharing of relevant / interesting content from facebook/youtube,etc, we are able to also reach out to people all over the world via the localized content translation , so no matter if our users are non English readers and speakers , they will be able to understand written updates being shared on SportingTalents.com.
Coupled with the strong Community commitment to help support deserving organizations and entities (be it sports associations / organizations or even charities) , we are striving to build a strong global network of sporting talents based initiatives to 
No matter the sport/s you are into, be it a physical sport or mentally challenging one (gaming, for example) , all are welcome to join in and contribute and share.
Along the way, we hope to be able to offer potential stars of the future, a good avenue to gain some attention and awareness of themselves to a global audience.

The platform is also meant to be a safe place where everyone of all nationality, creed , gender, physical stature and ages to be able to come together collectively to share and find out more about the latest sporting talents , organizations, news, etc in an easy manner. 


We are an all-inclusive community which does not discriminate against any individual or organization looking to contribute to the general sporting community one way or another. 


It is presently developed and run by 2 partners , aspiring to help all Sports Talents (including Professionals) and sporting organizations alike gain more beneficial traction along with making the world a much better place via our sports citizenship movement.


What is Sports Citizenship / SSR and how does SportingTalents.com give back ? 


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Our Sports Social Responsibility (SSR) Program



- Mar 2018