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There's no secret formula or hidden agendas here,  our users help and contribute without having to put up a single cent and yet be able to indirectly help contribute financially to organizations in need by simply :

1. Sharing great and exciting related content (news,updates, blogs) on (be it original content, or from Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc) with their followers and friends/fans.

2. Share your own personalized link (e.g with your audience on other platforms! 


Our users do not need to fork out a single cent for use of any features of our platform as it will all be covered by our advertisers and a portion from all the revenue generated will be allocated for our financial contributions back to the organizations voted for by our users who would be able to benefit from the donation to them.

it's that simple! 

How many other organizations or entities do you know , voluntarily commit to giving back to society , now, you can add to that list ! 


To our members and users, we uphold to : 


1. Not disclose any sensitive personal data * (also , we do not ask for any sensitive data like your Identification numbers, your physical address and also, you can choose not to disclose your personal contact number (all controlled via your privacy settings)  

2. Keep all our data sources as secure as possible

3. Contribute a portion of all earnings to charitable causes


 *subject to local laws and policies of the user/s impacted which may or may not require us to disclose certain information to them in the event of any injunction imposed for whatever legal reasons. We do not advocate the use of the site for vice-related activities and for such members who violate this, their profiles and info on the site will be disclosed to the respective governing authorities who may request for such info. We are firm believers of a vision for a regulated and safe social media community and will do out utmost to ensure everyone's protected. 


Useful Tips for everyone's use on any social media site (including ours):

1.  Do Not disclose any sensitive personal data in any form such as written text or even via photography . Sometimes our pictures may inadvertently expose sensitive data like our Identification Numbers , Passport details , address , location, etc. So be careful and smart


2.  Be diligent and smart when sharing your location information  - do not consistently share your location of your posts, unless you want people (or perhaps, stalkers) to know where you're at or going to be. 


3. Take ownership of your posts : Mean what you post and and post what you mean - do not be a advocate or source of "fake news" and share content with both eyes wide open, share responsibly and be sensitive about what you may post. Nobody likes a troll even though it may be fun to be one. :)